Compound interest is like a chronic absence. Chronically absent students, defined as those who miss at least 15 days of school for any reason, run a major danger of academically slipping further behind and encountering more difficult obstacles over time. The chance of pupils dropping out is considerably increased when they miss important early learning thresholds like reading at elementary school or instructional time in middle and high school.

Important Stats to Understand Chronic Absenteeism:

  • Over 7 million pupils missed 15 or more days of school, according to recent data from the nation. 1/6 of those students are chronically absent.
  • One year of persistent absences between the eighth and twelfth grades increases the likelihood of dropping out by seven times.
  • 10% of kindergarten through first-grade pupils are chronically absent. These students are more likely to drop out of school because they are less likely to read at grade level by the third grade.

With reliable, real-time attendance data, Ed-Fi Education can intervene early and spot trends in chronic absenteeism, enabling schools, instructors, and district administrators to act quickly to address this issue.

Education is a platform that helps children make a stand for their lives, and dropouts from schools must be prevented. Our community is living through challenges, understanding students' physical, academic, social, and emotional needs, and even their families continue to play a critical role in the school district. Edfi Education has enabled the standardization of student data that helps teachers, educators, and district heads to access the needs of the students better. It helps better address students' needs and allows schools and the community to help with their needed support. It plays an immense role in aiding schools to recognize the patterns of chronic absenteeism such that immediate preventive steps can be taken. Thus, the dropout rate of students can decline.

Start with Ed-Fi: Reducing Chronic Absence from School

Follow EDfi Education's step-by-step implementation guide to combat absenteeism in your district. Ed-Fi implementation is as easy and quick as possible so that you can begin observing results and enhancing student outcomes right away.

Technology and resources from Ed-Fi are all free to use. The Chronic Absenteeism Starter Kit offers a step-by-step manual for district leaders who are both technical and non-technical to operate jointly.

You and your team can adopt Ed-Fi specifically to treat chronic absenteeism with the starter kit. To utilize data to address the issue of chronic absenteeism, we advise creating a core team of champions:  

  • Leads for programs and data - Accountability or other central office departments
  • Principals and registrars or staff members in charge of attendance  
  • System administrators, SIS administrators, and IT leads

Edfi Education is about bringing innovation to education and helping schools and teachers impart better knowledge and take timely interventional steps so that students can achieve a lot more.