About Us

We specialize in fixing complicated problems in education. The founder is Jake van Niekerk. My life, love and passion have always been education. In my final year of school, I had a teacher who was very passionate about and showed me the engaging world of mathematics.  Because of this teacher, I studied mathematics and computers at the university.

Areas we have developed:
  • Master scheduling: Nine years of effort evolved our system to deliver the complex, multi-choice system that high schools choose, and students can confidently use. By comparison with other systems, we know we succeeded in finding a far better solution. Our scheduler produces a much higher student accuracy rate much quicker. We are very proud of the scheduler and that the schools who use it can deliver to students the choices they really want to enhance their academic and career development.

    • Google Classroom Integration: We accepted the challenge of this very complicated project because we saw the potential if it could be incorporated with Ed-Fi. The ability to access more, accurate information, enhances the level of intelligence the school can access and demonstrate. Working with two very big data base centers was quite tricky. We are gratified to have successfully integrated and developed a very streamlined solution.

  • BigLMS: We integrated this BigLMS with Google Classroom and Ed-Fi to enhance the user’s experience and create things like Super Forms, Assignment Recording, and the normal assignments educators would expect from an LMS. This was also very difficult to do as we had to combine two established systems, namely Ed-Fi and Google classroom with a third system of LMS.

  • And may other areas,MySams,Timetabling,TVET,FET

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