School optimization

As are many modules, the school optimization module is particularly important,  because this is where the school can:

  1. Save money 
  2. Optimize teaching
  3. Reduce resources
  4. Schedule optimize for the teachers, sections, student requests and classes.
  5. Improve Student Request accuracy: students now can get more of the courses, not alternatives, they ask for, which is important in any student’s academic progression to graduation and beyond. We believe that when students graduate with the courses they really want and need, they are much more prepared for the future, their knowledge enhances the community, and schools fulfill their mandate.  

We have about 95%+ student course placements in comparison to the normal 80%- which is currently typical in many schools.

Comparison Our System Typical
Student placement 95+% 80%

Parents are happier when their children get the requests they and parents asked for, because they do not have to listen to student complaints or attend conferences about poor performance in courses no one, including the teacher, wanted. Parents perceive the schools as more accomplished by being able to accommodate their students choices and enhance their career pathways.

Class sizes are better balanced, so teachers do not have e.g. 30/10 or worse splits which distort student interaction, responses, group learning, and potentially stress discipline as well as facility and materials needs. 

Administrators do not have to imagine it. They can run different scenarios in the virtual Flight Center to see the impact of possible changes  in planning for the following year.


 Comparison Our System Typical
Class size deviation 96+% 70%

What if Scenario:  What impact would there be if courses and sections were to be changed?  This is like flying your school in a virtual simulator where administrators can harmlessly try different scenarios to see how they would impact the school. The program will automatically specify the best suggested changes, making it quick and insightful to get to the best optimum implementations.

School administrators often ask “Am I over staffed or understaffed, by how much, and in which departments?”  Now, these and more important questions can be more accurately answered.