Ed-Fi Visual Dashboard

Running off the Ed-Fi ODS or Ed-Fi API, it is important that the data being displayed in such a way is:

  • Intuitive
  • Visual
  • Insightful 
  • Clever  
  • Assists the schools and districts
  • Improves performance.

Having attended numerous conferences, we concur with many keynote speakers—“data should work for teachers, not teachers for data.”

We totally agree with this statement, and that’s why we developed the Ed-Fi visual dashboard, to be used by districts, schools, staff, students, teachers and parents, depending on what rights and access you want to make available to your schools.

We improved the data to add wisdom and insights that can be displayed in a visual manner. The product incorporates teacher assistance, a helper-guide along the way to facilitate planning, assignments, assessments, and professional management. Districts can identify and quantify possible problems or issues before they occur.

A simple example is when a teacher wants to create an assessment in Google Classroom, that insider will check the calendar and suggest the best possible date for the assignment to be turned in, to avoid a situation where a student must turn in three assignments on one day and rather spread out the work, increasing quality and reducing tension. The intuitive wisdom will suggest the best date for turning in the assignments - beneficial to all - and runs alongside the data and makes suggestions to help improve education and assessments.