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    Google Data Interoperability


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Creating EdFi Google Assignments

Google Classroom

Within the system it is very easy to create Google Assignments to have the advantage of being automatically integrated with their EdFi school data. EdFi school information can be automatically added into Google Classroom for a truly synced system.

School information like course title, course code, department, room and section ID, etc line up with the SIS data, and student course names.

It is beneficial to have the data look the same in Google Classroom as the students are familiar with in their schedule and SIS format.

Another great feature is assignments can be unified across a grade multiple course sections.

student phone
  Traditional Optimal
  Preps: 9 Preps: 3
Teacher A 2 classes: Poetry
2 classes: Writing
2 classes: Spelling 
3 preps
Full grade: Poetry
1 prep
Teacher B 2 classes: Poetry
2 classes: Writing
2 classes: Spelling
3 preps
Full grade: Writing
1 prep
Teacher C 2 classes: Poetry
2 classes: Writing
2 classes: Spelling
3 preps
Full grade: Spelling
1 prep
  Fractured Specialized
  Each teacher must administer, mark and evaluate 3 types of assignments. Each teacher can focus and specialize on 1 assignment
    Fewer Teacher Preps
Fewer admin

Google Classroom seats