Chronic absentee and at risk

Pinpointing and detecting potential at risk problems may improve students attendance and grades. 

As with all the enhanced features, the module has added intelligence. 

When school professionals look at a student, they want to compare and evaluate many factors that influence a student as a whole. The wholistic student trend reduces the labeling of students to teach and support them as a whole.

A grade drop in one class may not be of concern, but it might be dropping in other classes as well and indicate that student is experiencing adverse circumstances.

Or, what if a student’s attendance is dropping, but the grades are improving?  Does this mean the student is at risk, compensating, or covering?

It is possible to bring up performance comparison by family. If a student might be at risk, how are his/her brothers and sisters doing and are there any trends? If a student’s performance is dropping, as well as his/her siblings, it might be an indication that there is something happening within the family structure, causing the drop in performance which might be of concern and an early warning.

It is always good to be able to catch potential problems early on, rather than as problems later.

We believe in that old saying used by parents: “It is better to raise healthy children than to fix broken adults”

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